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Business IT & Networking

Business IT Service & Support: Our IT Business Service Provider provides man-power and expertise to support business IT infrastructures.  We design, implement, troubleshoot, repair IT software and equipment.


Cloud Solutions: We offer managed or unmanaged robust, redundant, secure, and scalable enterprise grade cloud infrastructures for businesses of all sizes.  Our cloud infrastructure was designed with security in mind and is capable of hosting entire business infrastructures and software remotely.  Cloud backups, virtual private servers (VPS), and dedicated servers are just a few of the solutions we offer for your business needs.


Colocation Solutions: We extend the use of our datacenter infrastructure for use by small to medium-sized businesses so these types of organizations can compete with competitors utilizing more robust IT infrastructures. We help to level the playing field. Businesses needing to host their own equipment within a reliable and redundant IT infrastructure utilize our colocation solutions and place their own equipment at our secure data centers.


Consulting & Virtual CIO/CTO: We utilize years of experience and depth of knowledge to provide valuable guidance ensuring uncertainty is not part of the IT decision making process. We help established businesses, start-ups, as well as businesses undergoing various forms of transition or reorganization. IT mistakes can be significantly minimized for businesses that leverage this offering. Businesses can save hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars by avoiding costly mistakes. When an organization needs an interim Chief Information Officer (CIO) or Chief Technology Officer (CTO), we fill the void until the need has been met. As part of our engagement we will also help the business find a qualified executive to permanently fill the position.

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